Prague AGENESIS Pavilion

Audio work / Sound walk accessible via Echoes app
Duration variable 
Specific installation area: 40m long x 15m wide
Commissioned by Meetfactory (Prague, CZ) 2022
Launched 27 September 2022. Launch details

The Pavilion is easy to access, just:
1. Download the Echoes app
2. Grab a mobile phone & headphones
3. Download the audiowork in the app (not a browser) using the link or QR code & open while at the Meetfactory

Part of the pan-European Open Form Pavilion of Air series

Walk very slowly to allow sounds to enter gradually, spend time in some places to notice the long sounds develop.

This site-specific version of the AGENESIS live set (originally performed as an A/V sound & lighting set during 2019) has been spatialised for MeetFactory as part of the pan-European Open Form Pavilion of Air series.

The Meetfactory AGENESIS Pavilion presents a choose-your-own-adventure along of a corridor of possible choreographies of sound, a movement through an invisible architecture, an outdoor GPS triggered pavilion without walls.

More about AGENESIS at

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