Live sound + multichannel DMX controlled by live sound via custom software
30+min performance with Kat McDowall

Spectral, Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall, Aus (cancelled)

Open Ear EOY party, Sound House, Dublin (December)
Meet Factory, Prague, Czech Republic (November)
Insomnia festival, Tromsø, Norway (October)
UH Festival, Budapest, Hungary (October);
OSA Festival, Sopot, Poland (September);
Kalana Saund festival, Hiiumaa, Estonia, (July)
Gamma Festival, St Petersburg, Russia (July)
Cyprus Avenue, Cork, Ireland (July)
Open Ear Festival, Sherkin Island, Ireland (June)

"hauntingly beautiful” - FACT magazine (Gamma festival review)

AGENESIS (noun) - a partial or complete absence

A 1:1 relationship between sound and lighting: lights driven directly by the sound create a head-wrecking synaesthetic experience with the spontaneous production of colours and patterns which may or may not be there. A group experience for the audience, like a sci-fi team assembled on the deck of ship, the sound tuned to make the room take off and the lights propelling the crew to travel to strange new worlds. Turntables, dubplates & acetates, custom-made oscillators, mixing desk feedback and strong sub-bass come together to create polyrhythmic phasing in light and sound that collapse depth perception and bring your whole body and the surrounding room into a face-melting physical constellation.
Referencing expanded cinema works such as Lis Rhodes' "Light Music", Tony Conrad's "Flicker" and Bruce McClure's "Nethergate" among others.
Custom-designed software coded by Bas van Koolwijk

The live sound is fed to custom-designed software which directly converts this audio to several constantly changing DMX signals. Watching this simple flickering (but not strobing) light the eye starts to see a range of additional colours, bringing about a synaesthetic experience combining the physicality of the audio with the immersive quality of the light. Drawn from the concepts underlying Edwin Land's (inventor of polaroid photography & sunglasses) work with colour shadows, for more info on his pioneering work see
Warning: extensive use of strong sound pressure from very low frequencies (30hz and below) and photosensitivity warning for rapidly flashing lights.

Previous performances
- Open Ear festival (Sherkin Island, Ireland), June
- Cyprus Avenue (Cork, Ireland) July
- Gamma Festival (St Petersburg, Russia - SHAPE showcase) July
- Kalana Saund festival (Hiiumaa, Estonia) July
- OSA Festival (Sopot, Poland) September
- UH Fest (Budapest, Hungary) October
- Insomnia festival (Tromsø, Norway) October
- SHAPE at MeetFactory (Prague, Czech Republic) November
- Sound House (Dublin, Ireland) December