Multichannel works

16.4 channel spatialised diffusions of:
*"Turner's Tempest"
*"Scene 2: Only the Dogs and the Fires on the Horizon"
*"Human Drift (Gruen Transfer No.1)"

alongside works by Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Mira Calix & Anna Meredith on a d&b audiotechnik 'soundscape' surround system

Stroud Fringe, St Laurence Church, Stroud
25 August 2019

*available for multichannel diffusions - please contact the artist

A 16channel d&b audiotechnika 'soundscape' soundsystem with 4 subwoofers was installed at St Laurence's Church, Stroud, for a programme of multichannel diffusions of works by Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Anna Meredith, Mira Calix & Robert Curgenven. Curated by David Sheppard & John Best.

The full programme was:

Steve Reich - Drumming
Anna Meredith - Anno
Robert Curgenven - Turner's Tempest (from 'SIRĂˆNE) +
Mira Calix - My Secret Heart
Steve Reich - Different Trains
Robert Curgenven - Scene 2: Only the Dogs and the Fires on the Horizon (from 'They tore the earth...')
Robert Curgenven - The Human Drift (Gruen Transfer No.1) (unreleased)
Terry Riley/Africa Express - In C Mali

+ expanded & re-spatialised from the 6.1channel version installed at Medellin Museum of Modern Art  for Escuchas