6.1channel sound at LAB3
Medeillin Museum of Modern Art, Colombia
10 minute duration (part of 3hour loop)
2 Dec 2015 - March 2016

6.1 channel remix of Turners Tempest
originally appears on SIRÈNE

As a result of a collaboration between LAB3 sound room at  Medellin Museum of Modern Art and éter laboratory, ESCUCHAS (listenings) is born, a multichannel sound art exhibition curated by Miguel Isaza, including a selection of 12 pieces by international artists who assume sound as a central axis of their artistic reflection and process.     

Escuchas, as plural, is an assembly of diverse artists, processes and pieces. It is a call to become listeners, to be attentive. It is a reiterative invitation to come into the sound room. It is also the plurality of spaces inhabitable from the sonic experience. It is a way to address to the many forms in which we can assume the sense of what we are as resonant bodies. It is a question: are you listening?     

Escuchas was exhibited at MAMM from December 2nd, 2015 until March, 2016.

Further information about the exhibition and its scope here

Information on artists & piece involved at here

Artists on display
Alejandro Cornejo (Peru) | sonodoc.org/alejandro-cornejo-montibeller
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay (India) | budhaditya.org
David Velez (Colombia) | davidvelezr.tumblr.com
Edu Comelles (Spain) | educomelles.com
Perletta Fabio (Italy) | fabioperletta.it
France Jobin (Canada) | francejobin.com
John Grzinich (United States) | maaheli.ee
Manrico Montero (Mexico) | manricomontero.com
Robert Curgenven (Australia) | recordedfields.net
Simon Whetham (UK) | simonwhetham.co.uk
Yann Novak (United States) | yannnovak.com
Yannick Dauby (France) | yannickdauby.com

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