2nd ed. Green LP
2CD + digital
Solo exhibition

Very happy to have Climata reviewed in the print and online editions 15 May's The New York Times (you can see it here) by Ben Ratliff where he says "Robert Curgenven uses sound to transmit something about the space in which sound occurs. He has a natural affinity with the artist James Turrell, who uses light to transmit something about the space in which light occurs. Recently Mr Curgenven did something sensible and created some sound pieces in conjunction with Mr Turrell's "Skyspaces" series... To hear them is to know they were very definitely recorded in a large room, sure enough, your brain starts to conjure the space as you listen."

You can read further reviews from Experimedia, Attic Magazine, Dusted, Fluid Radio & more at the release page for Climata.

In other news, the LP edition of "SIRÈNE" is now sold out at source. You can find available stockists at www.recordedfields.net/records/rfe_01
Coming soon will also be a digital edition of "SIRÈNE" w/ bonus track & video...

Finally, you can also find a new extended digital edition of 2010's "Oltre" over here at Bandcamp which also includes a digital version of "Looking for Narratives on Small Islands" from the WM25 LP with Will Montgomery as well as a previously unreleased track "Allegro in Seguito Oltre" mastered from a live recording at the Blue Note in Poznan in 2008.

The last year has seen performances of new A/V live set Speculative Pataphysics at SONICA festival (Ljubljana/Slovenia), Cork Film Festival (Ireland), LUMEN (Chilean Patagonia) and Supersonic Festival (Birmingham/UK) among others and also recording across 9 countries for the new double album, Climata. Climata was recorded in consultation with James Turrell entirely in 15 of his Skyspaces, an architectural light art installation. You can find more information on the release page and recent news in the April newsletter including reviews and a video interview in Berlin about the project. Climata had a preview as an installation at the National Gallery of Australia Skyspace in 2015 as well as its world premiere as a concert version as a 3 hour durational set at Maerzmusik Festival for Time Issues' 30 hour closing event "The Long Now" at Kraftwerk in Berlin. Further concert versions (not 3 hours long) will tour to Italy, Austria & Poland in May - further details in the live section of the website.

If you're reading this news bite then you're accessing it on the new clevertelephone friendly version of the website programmed by our always great German web-hosting, -programming and -design friends Monomorph.

We're now based in Ireland and the final 30 copies of SIRÈNE on clear vinyl are awating their new homes after selling quickly so don't delay. In addition 5 copies of the WM25 split with Will Montgomery on white vinyl have come back in from distributors. First come, first served for both.

There's copies too of the transparent red vinyl edition of They Tore the Earth and, Like a Scar, It Swallowed Them - the live A/V version has received a great response last year at OSA festival (Poland), Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival (Switzerland), Cork Film Festival (Ireland) and this year at Sonic Acts (Amsterdam) with more festivals to come, so get the LP version while they last.

Finally here's a video of the debut of a new live A/V set, now available for booking in Europe

Debut performance of new A/V live set at Wall Riss gallery, Fribourg, Switzerland, 25th April 2015 for their 2nd Birthday celebrations. Projected onto an uneven wall. Filmed by Marc Zendrini on a clevertelephone.
This audiovisual project uses heavily phasing live audio to directly power live video projection that draws on the principles of colour and colour shadows discovered by Edwin Land – the inventor of Polaroid sunglasses and Polaroid photography.
The live audio comprises custom-built low frequency oscillators and custom-cut dubplates and test pressings that are used to build a constantly changing field of oscillating chords of sound. This audio is fed to custom-designed software that directly converts this to a constantly changing one pixel video signal based on the phasing difference between the the left and right audio channels. Watching this simple flickering (but not strobing) image that consists often of only black and white, but sometimes two colours, the eye starts to see a range of additional colours, bringing about a synaesthetic experience combining the physicality of the audio with the immersive quality of the video.
For more information on Edwin Land’s discovery and colour shadows see - www.greatreality.com/Color2Color.htm

Video software coded by Bas Van Koolwijk basvankoolwijk.com who is co-developer of the amazing Synchronator synchronator.com

Announcements of new editions and a special release project coming very soon too...

Robert Curgenven - Ressuscitant de l'étreinte de la Sirène from The Wire Magazine on Vimeo.

Robert Curgenven's Sirène: Selected Pipe Organ Works 1983–2014 (LP, out on Recorded Fields) is reviewed by Brian Morton in The Wire 367.

The video – which features the second half of his "Ressuscitant de l'étreinte de la Sirène" composition from Sirène – was filmed and edited by Robert Curgenven, and Curgenven writes: "This was filmed on the lunette of Lake Mungo, an ancient lake bed in Australia's New South Wales, 1000 kilometers from the coast and home to the Barkindji, Nyiampaa and Mutthi Mutthi peoples. It is also the site of the oldest human remains in the world to be ritually cremated and the oldest human remains found outside of Africa – both estimated to be 42,000 years old. Evidence exists to show the area has been inhabited for 50,000 years.

This video acts as a bridge between the themes of migration and settler colonialism explored in Sirène and another forthcoming 12", They Tore The Earth And, Like A Scar, It Swallowed Them comprising footage shot at a series of locations across the Australian continent.

While Sirène is recorded entirely on the UK's Cornish peninsula – the original home of my grandfather's grandfather who emigrated to Australia in the 19th century – They Tore The Earth... charts the story of settler colonialism, where a land is discovered and assumed to be empty, the colonising nation arrives and settles toward the interior, breaking the relationship the traditional, indigenous people have to the land. In place of that is created a new, more destructive and exploitative relationship.

This short film is also intended to provide a visual bridge between the maritime realms of Sirène's Cornish coastline to the ancient, weathered desert vistas of Australia's rugged interior."
With thanks to Kathleen McDowall and Andy Goodman.

Maybe you’ve seen some of the endless posts on Facebook or Twitter, but in case you haven’t, my new 12” of pipe organ works, SIRÈNE, is out now.

It was one of Boomkat’s Albums of the Week. FACT magazine have an exclusive stream of two tracks. And Doug Wallen of Mess+Noise in Australia gave it a special mention in his mid-year report.

One third of the LPs are now out in the world and it’d be great to send you a copy too. You can order it from my website: http://www.recordedfields.net/records/rfe_01 and also from DiscogsBoomkat (UK), Norman Records (UK), Milque & Muhle(Birmingham), Polar Bear Records (Birmingham), Holy Mountain (Spain) and it’ll be online very soon at Sound Ohm (Italy) with more distributors and retailers to come...

And for those of you who have already ordered, many thanks for your kind support, it’s been overwhelming and really very much appreciated! The next LP will be out in October. I’m editing a film for the live version of that album which will be performed at OSA festival in Poland in September, Lausanne Underground Film Festival in Switzerland in October - more concert information over at the livesection of the website.

After a busy 7 months spanning 30 shows over 13,000 km in Europe (full details see live), the development of some new work in the desert via another 9,000 km in Australia and finally a busy three weeks in a studio in the forest in Germany mixing and mastering the first full-length solo record since 2010’s “Oltre”… which neatly brings me to the announcement of the first of two 12” releases for 2014 on a revitalised Recorded Fields Editions:

Coming from an extensive period of research and development in the Cornish countryside with my first instrument, “SIRÉNE” is a selection of pipe organ works made between 2011-2014, mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin and now available for preorder on clear/transparent vinyl. More information and preordering from

I’ll be touring England, Scotland & Ireland from 31st August to 25th September, playing at
31/08  - Meantime Project Space, Cheltenham
5/09 – The Guesthouse, Cork, Ireland
7/09 – The Joinery, Dublin, Ireland
13/09 – The Glad Café, Glasgow, Scotland
17/09 – Mello Mello, Liverpool
19/09 - The Bay Horse, Manchester
20/09 – Deptford Town Hall/Goldsmiths, London
21/09 – MK Gallery, Milton Keynes
23/09 – Unitarian Church, Cambridge
25/09 – Café Kino, Bristol

For full details go to the live page.

From late September through to late November I’ll be touring across Europe playing at STEIM/Amsterdam (3/10) Het Klooster/Rotterdam (4/10), ION/Zurich (11/10), Oslo10/Basel (12/10), Cave12/Geneva (13/10), Kaninchenhaus/Torino (15/10), Cesena (16/10), No Cage/Prato (18/10), Mozg Festival/Bydgoszcz (8/11), Lublin (11/11), CSW/Torun (13/11)
with some further announcements soon for Den Haag/NL, Venice, Poznan, Budapest, Krakow and more…

Now available in the Touchshop is a cassette-only release of new works for pipe organ & dubplates.  These two pieces are from a new series rendering literary and historical myths of people tied to the mast of a boat to experience the full brunt of a storm.
"Transfixed"  is in a limited edition of 150 and only £4.20 + £2 postage (that comes to $US10, $AUS10 or €8). Don't delay!
and for those in the USA available for $US7 from Foreced Exposure

In Cornwall on the first weekend of August I had multi-channel remixes & reworkings of the pieces from "Transfixed" along with new works at an event appropriately held around a clifftop amphitheatre, affording unimpeded views of the sea. STAGE was a spontaneous multi-media arts event organized by Halzephron House & Millennium Gallery (St Ives), in association with the Cornwall Art Biennale.Saturday 3rd August and Sunday 4th august from 4 - 10.30 pm. near Halzephron House, Gunwalloe, Cornwall TR12 7QD. Facebook event page here.

I will be touring a new solo set throughout the UK & Europe in September, October & November. Cities confirmed so far are:
Cheltenham (31/08), Cork (5/9), Dublin (7/9), Glasgow (13/9), Liverpool (17/9), Manchester (19/9), London (20/9), Cambridge (23/9), Bristol (25/9), Amsterdam (3/10), Geneva (13/10), Budapest (TBA), Bydgoszcz (8/11), Torun (13/11).

More dates are being confirmed across Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland and Germany.Finally, our aptly named "Open Provocation" festival also in Cornwall in April was a success, many happy faces especially among those of the artists. Some copies of the festival compilation are still available. Exclusive and rare tracks from Nicholas Bullen, Lee Patterson, Matt Davis, Dennis Wiehahn, Mat Pogo, Iris Garrelfs, Company Fuck, JD Zazie, Jorg Maria Zeger and Nigel Ayers. Pick one up for just £10 ((€12, $AUS16, $US16) from http://recordedfields.net/records/festival-compilation/

Big news is that I’m organising a four-day festival with 16 performances by artists from across the UK, Germany, Italy and Australia in our small riverside village in rural Cornwall. The Open Provocation festival of contemporary music and performance will host a range of artists including Birmingham’s Nicholas Bullen (original vocalist of Napalm Death now performing his live electroacoustic audiovisual set), Lee Patterson (amplified devices and processes) from Manchester, Jorg Maria Zeger (guitar/fx) based in Berlin since 1984 and known for his work with Perlonex over the last 14 years as well as Charlemagne Palestine, Keith Rowe and many many more… Artists from Cornwall include Nigel Ayers (known for his work since the early 1980s as Nocturnal Emissions) live trumpet/electromagnetic interventions from Matt Davis and an immersive installation by Dominick Allen. For full artist listing go to the festival page.

The festival is an entirely an artist run initiative and as such is staged entirely without conventional arts funding.  We would value your support, through sales of the 2CD festival compilation which will provide a large percentage of the costs of the festival (artists’ transport, accommodation and food). By buying the Festival Compilation you are directly supporting the artists and organisation of the festival and in return you get an amazing selection of tracks by these great artists that were either made exclusively for the festival or rare/hard-to-find material. Even if you are far from Cornwall, your support for the festival through the purchase of a festival CD will be gratefully received as well as  enjoying over 100minutes of great music, it’s a win-win situation.

The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia have  included a piece from my Alice Springs Sound Atlas project in their Art of Sound exhibition. Curated from 400,000 audio recordings in the NFSA sound collection, the Art of Sound is a diverse palette including music, spoken word, environmental and experimental recordings, radio broadcasts and extracts from oral histories, including sound/works from The Necks, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Percy Grainger, Scattered Order and Archie Roach. “Art Of Sound” will be shown at Grafton Regional Arts Gallery, NSW ifrom 23 January – 13 February 2013 and at the Holmes à Court Gallery at Vasse Felix, Margaret River, Westerdn Australia from 9 June – September 2013. Very happy and humbled to have my work paired with a print by one of the most senior Anangu Pitjantjatjara alive today Dickie Minyintiri, now 97 living in Ernabella he began painting 7 years ago, winning Australia’s top Indigenous art prize in 2011.

In further exhibition news, in November I was pleased to present an installation of Bardo at DDK Weglin in Lublin, Poland in November/December as 5.1 piece with speakers located inside and outside the gallery space. Bardo will also be installed at Reverse in New York in January as a full 7.2 piece

While in Poland I toured ”the Indians” live audiovisual project with Polish projection artist Ludomir Franczak to Krakow’s Audio Art festival, Teatr Szwalnia in ?ód?, and BWA Gallery in Zielona Gora. You can find a short “trailer” for the project from our Zielona Gora performance here.

In October and February I’m doing some guest lectures at the University of Falmouth, Cornwall for contemporary music and sound students on the subject of “Source, space, process”. If you would like such a lecture and performance in the UK or Europe please do get in contact.

Finally, a recent realisation of John Cage’s Cartridge Music released has been released on UK label Another Timbre, recorded live at Audiograft Festival in Oxford, UK, 2012, realised by myself, Stephen Cornford, Ferran Fages, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Patrick Farmer, Daniel Jones and Lee Patterson.

Some short notice for EU & UK subscribers, I'll be playing at the Carpa Campa series in Firenze/Florence in Italy on 19 September. Then, after a few days recording in Germany, I'll be playing at the Bang the Bore event at the Hansard Gallery in Southampton, UK alongside Will Montgomery and Kostis Kilymis on Saturday 22. In the first week of October there will be a residency at the Worm Studio in Rotterdam, Netherlands working on material with Jonny McHugh for our duo Black Lines and then TSU rehearsals in Berlin for an upcoming project.

In November, Polish video artist Ludomir Franczak and I will be presenting an tour of a new audiovisual work utilising rare archival footage from deep within East Germany around the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall. More information and dates on this tour in the November newsletter, in the meantime here's a video preview - http://vimeo.com/48729296

Finishing up, here's a link to a review of the WM25 12" with Will Montgomery, written by Richard Pinnell in his daily review blog, "The Watchful Ear" http://www.thewatchfulear.com/?p=7689&utm

And finally, some news about upcoming releases - UK label Another Timbre is about to release a Wandelweiser boxset, I performed in an ensemble in Oxford last year in the realisation of Sam Sfirri's score "Little by Little" which will be available in November. In January next year Another Timbre will also release a CD by the same ensemble (Patrick Farmer, Lee Patterson, Stephen Cornford, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Daniel Jones and Ferran Fages) performing a realisation of John Cage's "Cartridge Music" score at this year's Audiograft Festival in Oxford. No doubt you are all sick to death of mention of JC as this year is the centenary of his birth, so you can all approach this CD next year with fresh ears after a bit of a break from much talk about what a restorative effect four and a half minutes of silence can have on the world...

It’s been a busy time recently with three new releases in the past four months on Winds Measure, LINE and Kaon. Also my 2010 release "Oltre" (LINE) is down to its last few copies before it's sold out .

The first of the 3 new releases is the deluxe 12" package on US label Winds Measure Recordings which features Will Montgomery's "Heygate" on Side A and my "Looking for Narratives on Small Islands" piece on the B Side. "Looking for Narratives.." was recorded live in Bristol in 2009, using the same setup and source material as heard on "Oltre" (LINE, 2010) and recorded just a week after final mastering was completed for "Oltre" in Berlin. The Winds Measure edition (Cat. # WM25) was mastered and cut at Transition in London by Jason (who does the mastering and cutting work for Hyperdub and Touch among others) and pressed at Archer Records in Detroit (famous as the pressing plant for the extensive catalogue of Detroit Techno) so you can be assured the bass is definitely in place. The edition features white vinyl housed in a white 352gsm stock cover with white ink letterpress print , obi & insert plus white letterpressed labels, designed and printed by Ben Owen of Winds Measure. You can hear samples and read further information on my website here. There's also been some great reviews of the 12" in The Wire magazine, Fluid Radio, ATTN Magazine, Dusted, Just Outside, Textura and Boomkat where it was one of its Recommended Releases/Albums of the Week

The second new release is a collaborative CD "Built Through" with Richard Chartier, who runs the LINE imprint on which "Built Through" was released. The album features two new collaborative pieces as well as two re-processed pieces from Chartier's albums "Of Surfaces" and "series" (which received an Honorary Mention in the Prix Ars Electronica, 2001). The first track is the first of a series of works for pipe organ, the other three pieces combine dubplates, turntable feedback, guitar overtones and field recordings to swathe Chartier's elegant digital minimalism without subsuming it. The Wire comments: "the layers are gauzily thin, wispy transparent sheets allowing even the slightest sounds to peer through". Samples plus further information and reviews (Washington Post, Boomkat, Futuresequence, et al) can be found on the LINE website here.

The third new release is "Go Outside" a 20minute 3" CDr on French label Kaon as part of the Riviere series. Based around recordings of the length of the Taurion River in France, more information can be found at http://recordedfields.net/records/go-outside/ as well as subscribing to the series on the Kaon site here. Previous contributors in the series include Giancarlo Toniutti, Francsisco Lopez, Pali Meursault, Tarab, Frans de Waard and Dale Lloyd. This release is available now from the Recorded Fields Shop http://recordedfields.net/shop/ .

Finally, in June I ventured out of the wilds of Cornwall for a quick trip across England where I did a solo concert of new material at the De La Warr Pavillion in Bexhill at the "We Can Elude Control" all-dayer curated by Paul Purgas of Emptyset featuring Throbbing Gristle, Russell Haswell, Nic Bullen, EVOL, new Editions Mego signing Ekoplekz, Shelley Parker and Lorrie Evans. As it was closer to go to Belgium than drive all the way home again, this gig was swiftly followed by a concert at Cafe Centrale in Brussels and a few days later a set in a barn at a local festival in Cornwall which was enthusiastically received. No animals or reputations were hurt in the concert in the barn. More concerts in Europe are in the planning stage, more details in here soon…

2011 saw the first UK tours for TSU (with Jorg Maria  Zeger) with Stephan Mathieu in May, as well as audiovisual duo “air+electricity” (with Katrin Bethge) during October. Following a relocation to Cornwall, solo shows ranged from the Resound Festival in Cornwall, Penzance, Wood End Barn near Aberdeen and several shows in London support for Steve Roden at Café Oto in London,  A new forecast mix for Welsh label Serein covered wide ground and a compilation CD issued by Monotype Records exclusively with Polish magazine M|I  included fieldrecording related works by Francisco Lopez, Alfredo Costa Monteiro and Marcin Dymiter.

2010 saw the release of “Oltre” on Richard Chartier’s LINE imprint to very positive reviews and inclusion in a few end of year lists. The year also saw an Australian tour covering 16,000kms and 15 locations around the country. The only European performance was at the Ultrahang Festival in Budapest, Hungary along with a smattering of solo performances in London and Manchester plus a one hour show on Resonance FM.