1. "Tasmanian Tree Project" (dir. The Tree Projects)
2. "Dreamed Revolution" (dir. Alicja Rogalska)
3. "Terrain der Zeit" (dir. Leszek Paul)
4. "Study of a Soul's Molecule" (dir. Celia Arias Gonzales)

"Tasmanian Tree Project", director: Steve Pearce for The Tree Projects
Stereo soundtrack for exhibition using remix of bonus tracks from Climata (RFE_03)
Exhibited at: Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG), Jan-March 2017
Royal Society of Victoria, Melbourne, 30 MArch - 2 April
National Arboretum, Canberra, 1-7 May
Head On Photo Festival, Sydney, ARO Gallery, 17-28 May

"Dreamed Revolutions / Wy?niona Rewolucja", director: Alicja Rogalska
Performance & video with hypnotist & 17 participants, Lodz, Poland, 2014
Stereo soundtrack comprising "Ressuscitant de l’étreintede la Sirène" from SIRÈNE (RFE_01)
Exhibited in Lodz, Poland & Austria

"Terrain der Zeit", director: Leszek Paul
Stereo soundtrack for DVD and broadcast - comprising multiple grand pianos
included in Top 50 of Internationaler-Medien Preis, 2005, screened on ARTE

"Study of a Soul's Molecule" (2009), director: Celia Arias Gonzales
Stereo soundtrack for site specific video installation
Sound: Jörg Maria Zeger: guitar/FX. Robert Curgenven: electronics, turntables. fieldrecs.
Exhibited at: The Old Abbatoir, Clerkenwell, London, 13-21 November 2009