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Various Artists
C50 cassette  |  letterpress sleeve and insert
designed and printed by Ben Owen
Winds Measure  |  WM20  |  2010  |  Edition: 300
cover image by Ben Owen from Seth Cluett's drawing and recording '100 circles for the head (24 x 4)'

Compiled by Ben Owen, thirty-six artists contribute to the fifty-two tracks on this stunning compilation, featuring works up to one minute long by:

jason kahn, civyiu kkliu, richard garet, scott smallwood, alfredo costa monteiro, daniel blinkhorn, stefan thut, ben owen, toy.bizarre, gen ken montgomery, robert curgenven, manfred werder / incidental music, pierre gerard, giuseppe ielasi, ferran fages, tarab, sawako, tmm mulligan, gil sansón, lawrence english, gilles aubry, takefumi naoshima, asher, ben scott, barry chabala, ubeboet, dominic lash, andy graydon, alessandro bosetti, greg davis, matt marble, andrew hayleck, seth cluett, phil julian and gill arno.

This is the second in a series of compilations for winds measure. these collections focus on the work of past, present, and future collaborators with the label working specifically with short durations.

 More information on the release page for this cassette at Winds Measure