Under the Influence of Angelo Badalamenti

Various Artists
Boomkat/14 Tracks  |  January 2010
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The films of David Lynch and their accompanying soundtracks from Angelo Badalamenti have had a subliminal yet profound impact on the sonic palette of a whole generation of composers. From the 50's kitsch-pop arrangements of Blue Velvet, the strobe-lit themes inTwin Peaksand the smoky jazz romanticism of Mullholland Drive, Badalamenti's compositions are inextricably linked to some of the most surreally defining cinematic imagery of our times. Like a modern day Bernard Herrmann, Badalamenti's scores are synonymous with themes of darkness andsublimeatmospheric tension, casting an ever-lasting spell on numerous composers working within modern classical, ambient and electronic music. From the intangible blue smokescapes of Julien Neto's 'Le Fumeur De Ciel' through to Stars Of The Lid's dreamy menace or the creepy suburban surreality of Yoga's 'Dreamcast', these artists all share a sonic vision of a world that's never quite as it seems...

1. Robert Curgenven: Acciaccatura Amplificata
2. Biosphere: Iberia Eterea
3. Circle: Bakkis
4. Terminal Sound System : Duchamp Falls
5. Pjusk: dempet
6. Aethenor: Part 3.
7. Stars of the Lid: Music for Twin Peaks Episode #30, Part 2
8. Julien Neto: V (Rivers)
9. Yoga: Dreamcast
10. Zelienople: Aging
11. Philip Samartzis: gut bucket blues
12. Windy & Carl: I Have Been Waiting to Hear Your Voice
13. Jasper TX: Black Sleep pt. III
14. Pluramon : Log