Locked Groove/Flip Book 12” LP

Various Artists | Tape Projects | TRPR06 | 2008 | Edition: 330

Melbourne based Tape Projects produced this beautiful 12” edition of sixty-two 10second pieces - each ending or arcing to a climax with a 1.8 second locked groove.

Featuring (in sequence) Barbara Schroeder, Clare Cooper & Chris Abrahams, Michael Prior, Antuong Nguyen & Blase Roccisano, Ross Manning, Anthony Magen, Ding Dong, Bonnie Clarke, Boorges, Ernie Althoff , Clayton Thomas, Mu Child, Joel Stern, Rat Creeps, Sumugan Sivanesan, Michaela Davies, Que Nguyen, Jim Knox, Markham Whitman, Buffalo Jump Band, Twelve Dog Cycle, Harry Williamson, Zoe Scoglio,MonicaBrooks, Dan West, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Kristi Monfries,  Moffarfarrah, Thembi Soddell, Thee Monumental, Matthew Davis, Nat Bates, Dylan Martorell, Horse Hospital, , Lawrence English, Rosalind Hall, Tarab, Echo Khalida, Rob Mayson, Malakat,EmmaJean Gilmour, Anthea Caddy, Werner Hoeck, Philip Samartzis, Jacques Soddell, Robert Curgenven, Severed Heads, Ben Byrne, Dave Phillips, Paul Rodgers, Dean Linguey, Samuel Acres, I=IT, Der Kosmonaut, Toecutter, Emile Zile, DJ YSL, DJ Rainbow Ejaculation.

Also available - Tape projects “box” featuring the locked Groove record, 30 flip-books and poster.  Presented in beautiful screenprinted box with excellent exquisite corpse artwork!