Symbiosis Episode 54

Radio mix for ABC Classic FM & Podcast for Symbiosis
Mixed: Sydney, Australia  |  Feb 2010

A 20 minute mix featured on ABC Classic FM’s “Up Late” program in February 2010 and available online via Symbiosis combining ten pieces from past and forthcoming releases. Featuring all or part of the following tracks and respective albums:

“Isole: Allargando Nero” – Oltre (LINE/12K, LINE_042, 2010)
“Acciaccatura Amplificata” – Oltre (LINE/12K, LINE_042, 2010)
“Gran Coda Andante” – Oltre (LINE/12K, LINE_042, 2010)
“Silent Landscapes No. 2"– Silent Landscapes (Recorded Fields, RF002, 2008)*
“Silent Landscapes No. 4" – Silent Landscapes (Recorded Fields, RF002, 2008)
“Through the Gap” – Alice Springs, Central Australia (Recorded Fields, RF001, 2007)
“Larapinta Drive” – Alice Springs, Central Australia (Recorded Fields, RF001, 2007)
“Largo Affetuoso” – Compost & Height split 3" CDR (C&H008, 2009)
unreleased track (label TBA, 2012/13)
“Looking for Narratives on Small Islands” (Winds Measure, split 12”,WM25, 2012)

*Silent Landscapes No 2" also features on the Qwartz Award winning “Autumn Leaves” compilation and is discussed in “Listening to Silence and Noise” (Continuum Press, London)