Recorded in the Field By…

V/A | Gruenrekorder | GR033 | 2006

Nineteen pure fieldrecording works, featuring tracks by:
Aaron Ximm, Chris Watson, Costa Gröhn, Dallas Simpson, Daniel Knef, Derek Holzer, Gabi Schaffner, [sic]  (Jen Morris), Lasse-Marc Riek, Maksim Shentelev, Dronaement (Marcus Obst), triPhaze (Marek Brandt), Robert Curgenven, Roland Etzin, Yannick Dauby.

Track 17 – A Quiet Night at Home in the Shed – Robert Curgenven

On the fringes of a town of 8.000 people, on the edge of Australia’s tropical north with the desert some 200kms south, the heat and humidity that goes with living in a 12×9 metres shed also means silence is something you never really hear. Crickets, cicadas, geckos, bats, passing cars and of course the wavering overtones from the ceiling fans keep the air alive in the "house" as the outside comes in.

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