Ar Ais Arís

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Robert Curgenven
Ar Ais Arís
Rare, remixed & unreleased works – 2005-2020
Cassette + digital download
Fort Evil Fruit  |  FEF_102 | Edition of 75
39 minutes

Robert Curgenven's first release on Irish label Fort Evil Fruit and first release in over four years, Ar Ais Arís (pronounced ‘ar ash areesh’ - “back again” in Irish) compiles tracks from limited releases, installations, reworkings and unreleased tracks spanning the last 15 years. The pieces combine live performance, environmental and studio recordings made in 7 countries he has spent significant time in over these past 15 years. The album as a whole traverses (in a non-linear fashion) lines of flight across his native Australia, across Europe, to Cork and his current home on an island in Connemara, Ireland.

“Fantastic textures” – Dave Mandl, WFMU (NY, USA)

“A collection of five pieces ranging back some fifteen years, incorporating fiend recordings, crackles, disembodied voices, soft drones--both dreamy and disturbing, very strong.” – Brian Olewnick, Just Outside (USA)

"These five diverse works demonstrate the breadth of Curgenven’s sound practice ... while also bringing his core artistic interests into starker relief. ... a piece like “Wisla Reorientations” presents these as discreet but connected, “Air+Electricity” leans into a more physically pummeling amalgamation. Particularly in his live performances, Curgenven focuses on minute fluctuations in resonance." - Joseph Sannicandro, A Closer Listen (USA)

Mastering &/or *remastering: Antti Sakari Saario, Cornwall

Side 1
1. Gruen Transfer #4                                                01.27
2. Largo Affettuoso                                                   10.01
3. Wisla Reorientations – live at 24Hr Art             07.53

Side 2
1. Silent Landscapes no. 5                                       06.28
2. Air+Electricity (remixed)                                       13.00

1.1. Recorded: Cork, 2016-19. Remixed: Connemara, Ireland, 2020, from works “Unbalanced Architecture” & “Babel” exhibited at: Palace of Culture (Warsaw, 2016), Wandesford Quay Gallery (Cork, 2017), Les Brasseurs (Liege, Belgium, 2019).
1.2. Recorded: live at Extrapool (Nijmegen, Netherlands, 2009) using ‘Transparence’ dubplate, various guitar- & field-recordings. Remixed: Berlin, 2009 & Connemara, Ireland, 2020. [*Previously released: Compost & Height 3” CDr series, 2009, 50 copies]
1.3. Recorded: live at Northern Territory Centre for Contemporary Art / 24Hr Art (Darwin, NT, Australia, 2006). Restored from DAT & remixed: Connemara, 2020. Piano (Sydney, 2006). Field recordings: Wisla River (Poland, 2005) during 170km canoe expedition (Krakow to Sandomierz), for "Roots/Culture" project, exhibited Zero Gallery (Berlin, 2005).
2.1. DAT, Field recordings: Australia, 1999-2006. Mixed: London, 2009. [*Compost & Height First Birthday comp., Café Oto, London, 2009, 3CD, edition of 60]
2.2. Recorded: Milan, 2008. Remixed: Connemara, 2020. Guitars: Melbourne, 2007 & Berlin, 2008. Field recordings: Australia, 2004-8 & Poland, 2005 - Melbourne (VIC), Winton (QLD), Kakadu National Park (NT), Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney (NSW), Tanami Desert (NT), Katherine (NT), Coober Pedy (SA), Alice Springs & Macdonnell Ranges (NT), Poloniec (Poland). Piano: Berlin, 2004/5. [*Previously released: German tour CDr, 2008, edition of 40]