Unbalanced Architecture

4 collages, 4 headphones, 1 subwoofer, 5 media players, suitable lighting for collages (at low level)

4 wall mounted collages
(each collage is mounted alongside one of)
4 wall mounted media players + headphones
each set of headphones plays one of four 5min soundtracks on loop

subwoofer in room playing 40min piece on loop (20-60hz)

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Exhibited: as "Unwell-Tuned Architecture of Dystopia" - part of Synchronicity biennale with Bec Zmiana, shown at Teatr Studio / Palace of Culture, Warsaw, January 2017

Exhibited as part of "Locate Yourself", Robert Curgenven solo exhibition of 7 multichannel sound & video works, CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork, Ireland, 7-30 September 2017

"Unwell-Tuned Architecture of Dystopia" is a visual and audible essay, for which the starting point of four proposals and ideas of architectural - Athanasius Kircher, Ernest Jones, King Gillette and Oscar Newman.
The installation consists of four "stations": architectural collages by Marta Kowalczyk and created especially for this project, and 4 compositions with sound by Robert Curgenven referring to non-existent, although visualized, space, buildings, cities.

The project also consists of a soundtrack emitted by subwoofers, which on the one hand interfere with the compositions by Curgenven reproduced in the headphones and the acoustics exhibition space - Teatr Studio was transformed for the occasion into a kind of musical instrument.

Sound: Robert Curgenven
Architectural collages: Marta Kowalczyk
Curator: Pawel Krzaczkowski
Commissioning body: Fundacja Bec Zmiana / beczmiana.pl
Editing and production of film: Natalia Kobylinska