Rebirth of Tragedy

Mixed media sound & sculptural installation
duration variable
as part of “L’Infinito Turbulento”
with Ramuntcho Matta (FR), Judith Egger (DE)
O’ gallery, Milano, Italy
27 November–18 December 2008
curated by Sara Serighelli

8 speakers, steel tubing, speaker cable, automatic turntable, American 45rpm 7", broken concrete from neighbouring address

"In the "Birth of Tragedy" the tragic in its totality is thus defined as original contradiction, its Dionysian solution and the dramatic expression of this solution. It is characteristic of tragic culture and its modern representatives... to reproduce and resolve the contradiction, to resolve it in reproducing it, to resolve it on the original basis." - Deleuze, G., "Nietzsche and Philosophy", p12, (translated by Hugh Tomlinson), Columbia University Press, 2006

Exhibited as part of a residency at O' gallery culminating in “L’Infinito Turbulento” with Ramuntcho Matta (FR), Judith Egger (DE), O’Artoteca, Milan, 27 Nov–18 Dec 2008 - curated by Sara Serighelli.
The Transparence dubplate was also produced as part of this residency.