Installation view, Reverse gallery, New York, photo Daniel Neumann

7.2 channel version: Reverse gallery, Brooklyn, New York, 1-10/02/2012

5.1 channel version: DDK Weglin, Lublin, Poland, 22/11-12/12/2012

3.1 channel version: Locate Yourself, Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork, Ireland, 8-30/09/201 and RAM projects, Berlin, 24-26/06/2011

4 x CDs  each with 99 tracks
1-3 contain vinyl appropriations and silence
4 contains organ & piano overtones and silence
80min iteration
No combination repeated, plays on infinite loop

Available for galleries and various locations contact

A non-place, an in-between zone, Bardo is a spatial and temporal suspension within overlapping yet distinct fields interpermeated by an aetheric tactility: sounds disorientingly enter and leave, merging and confusing the boundaries of interiority and exteriority. Moving from the edge of silence to moments of complete immersion, Bardo draws on the physicality of sound - not just the physical impact on the body but the way in which sound can shape our perception of space and the flow of time – cumulatively fostering a precessional state where one expects things to change but also expects them to stay the same.

Installation specifics:
Distance between speakers 1, 2, 3 – min. 3metres, exact equilateral triangle, ideally none of the equilateral sides of the triangle parallel to walls of the room (and not in front of/blocking one of the “4” speakers)

Bardo 1: 1L (1) & 1R (2)
Bardo 2: 2L (2) & 2R (3)
Bardo 3: 3L (3) & 3R (1)
Outside speakers: 4