Audioteka - 4 Zywioly / 4 Elements

Francisco Lopez, Marcin Dymiter, 
Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Robert Curgenven
M|I Magazine (courtesy Monotype Records)

Audiotheque - 4 Elements was created as a multiple-station headphone installation as a part of the 4th edition of the interdisciplinary project PARKOWANIE which took place on 7-8 August 2010 in Oliwa Park in Gdansk, Poland.

The CD comes in simple cardboard sleeve. 
Available for free exclusively with M|I May 2011 music magazine.


1. Ogie/Fire Francisco Lopez Untitled #246 22:24
2. Woda/Water Marcin Dymiter Struktury Woda 12:20
3. Ziemia/Earth  Alfredo Costa Monterio A Rumour From the Under Void 19:00
4. Powietrze/Air Robert Curgenven Against The Barren Vanity Of Their Paradise Undone, Past Countenance And Ignorance Brokered No Shelter 13:40