Cork Midsummer Festival 2017

National Sculpture Factory, Albert Road, Cork
22 June 2017
Running time: 50mins
Show times: 8pm & 10pm
Capacity: 98
Tickets: €10 / €8 conceession
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Sculpting Air - The Sound of the Sky


Join artist Robert Curgenven for a live performance like no other in the atmospheric surrounds of the National Sculpture Factory. The performance will place the audience at the centre of the intricate relationship between sound and location, and between people and air, showcasing material from Curgenven’s 2016 album Climata - sculpting the air via an impressive surround sound system placed around the audience.


Climata is comprised entirely of site-specific recordings captured in 15 of American light artist James Turrell’s Skyspaces across 9 countries. Turrell’s Skyspaces are specifically proportioned chambers with an opening in the ceiling through which one can view the sky.


Recorded one note at a time, the 200 recordings across 15 locations use a unique process to create a movement between each Skyspace’s interior and exterior – in effect, making the air in these spaces audible. 


"To hear them is to know they were very definitely recorded in a large room, sure enough, your brain starts to conjure the space as you listen." – New York Times